A New Dwelling In Northenden.

It’s been a while, but in fairness the iphone 3GS does tend to struggle taking photos on a dark, wintery morning. Never fear. We’re back! With a new camera! A new home! Lots of new/ordinary/odd/beautiful/shit things to see! Welcome back to my dog walking blog!

For existing readers, you will know that the majority of my posts in this blog were based in and around the suburb of West Didsbury. My dog, my girl and all our worldly possessions have now upped sticks and bought a house further south in the little Mancunion village of Northenden. It’s not all pound shops and randy pigeons round here ya know! We found this nice little house and this is where we live (as you can see, my Daewoo is still standing):

2014-05-14 07.16.12

Today’s walk was a quick one through the familiar territory of the village and along Palatine Road. 6:30am is a little early for alcoholic refreshment, even by my standards, but Ziggy seemed happy with the prices and happy hour will surely come a calling once we’ve plucked up the courage to drink in this brazen saloon. £2.60 for a Guinness?! Cripes! I was paying nearly a fiver for the black stuff on the set of “The Only Way is Made in Didsbury”. We should have roughed it down at Escape 2 long ago Zig.

2014-05-14 07.55.44

I’m all for kids getting involved in making things and designing things. However there is a time and a place. If we’re talking, say, a ‘Get Well Card’ for Grandma, then yeah, getting a 6 year old to make a nice card with a lovely picture of Grandma wearing massive pants and smoking a pipe on the front is a nice thought. A lovely gesture. Home-made and arts and crafty. Or, if we are talking about making a sign for a ‘Bring and Buy’ stall on the front of your drive, with the letter B’s accidentally, but cutely, written the wrong way round, so it looks like the words were written by someone with a blindfold and no hands. That’s cute. Plus it tempts people in to look at the un-buyable tat on offer…. However I draw the line at using your child to make a sign to try and sell the family’s Tattoo Parlour. They could of at least let the kids run wild with the tattoo needles and let them etch the sign onto the bare back of the owner who is selling. That would have been more fitting.

2014-05-14 07.56.55