Circular Road Is Not Circular.

As you will be well aware if you read my previous post, I have suffered this week as a result of insect bites. The bastard lumps have died down considerably and the itching has subsided now, and I feel considerably more comfortable. Ziggy had his dose of flea prevention today. A hearty squeeze from a Stronghold pipette and the hairy beast is protected from all sorts of hopping beasties that lurk in long grass. I only wish they did a Stronghold pipette for humans, and maybe then I would have been protected from the winged devils in Delamere.

We walked down Circular Road today, which is up near Christie’s hospital. It is home to some lovely houses, but the street sign is a complete and utter lie. Wikipedia tells me that Circular refers to the shape of a circle. tells me that Circular is akin to having the form of a circle. My common sense tells me that Circular is…. well….. a circle. Ladies and Gentleman, Circular Road is NOT a circle. No. It is a quarter of a circle at best, which by my watch makes it a Quadrant and which by reason ought to make the correct street name Quadrant Street.

Circular Road

We headed back from the scene of the incorrect street name crime and walked right into another shit storm. Splashed all over the side of a bus stop was an advert for a new type of Cadbury’s confectionery. Now, I’m sorry, but Cadbury have crossed the frickin’ line here. Cadbury’s Crunchums are….. crunchy cereal bites tumbled in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate…… Yeah you heard me right, they said tumbled. However, that is not my gripe here. I’m a big fan of both the chocolate world and the cereal world, but for me, the two worlds can only collide in one way and one way only. You can put your chocolate in my cereal but DO NOT put your cereal in my chocolate!! Chocolate, when added to cereal, enhances and sweetens and makes boring, shit, dull, plain old wheat exciting. Don’t you dare add your boring, shit, dull, plain old wheat to my chocolate thus tainting it with the bland stick?! Leave chocolate to be chocolate. That’s all I’ll say.

Choco Cereal

Homeward bound, we wandered past the Green Finch pub. It used to be called the Four in Hand, but it underwent a massive makeover and they changed it’s name to the Green Finch. Why? I have no idea. It was a lifeless pub then and it’s a lifeless pub now.

I quite like the little picture of the Green Finch though. Tweet tweet y’all.

Green Finch