Crash, Bang, Wallop!

CRASH!!….. BANG!!….. WALLOP!!…..

Those were probably the sort of noises that were made when the subject of this photo was created. Outside our house is a parked Renault Clio that has had a right old beating. Ziggy and I have been walking past it every day since the smash happened and as yet, no-one has moved it. The puncture on the tyre probably hasn’t helped. It all happened last Friday 5th July. There was a screech of tyres….. a crunch of metal….. and a thud of something else as some moron (probably pissed) drove way too fast down our skinny little street and twatted into the front of this poor person’s parked car. If you own a shite car in Didsbury, watch out! My guess is that this is some sort of ‘Shite Car Protest’….. a sort of ‘If your car’s wank, piss off and live in Ladybarn!’ kind of statement….. The locals do not appreciate anything shitter than an Audi A3, a BMW 114 or a Mini Cooper lining their smug streets from what I can see. I’m parking the Daewoo on the drive from now on, less my car takes a hiding on the road from the toffs.


Oh and if you wondered what I meant by “…..and a thud of something else…..” well turns out the car also knocked over a brick bollard too. Jesus! West Didsbury is dangerous when your shit car sticks out like a sore thumb! What Next? Is someone going to try and rape my iphone 3GS cause it can’t load the Gumtree App?!…. Will Ziggy get happy slapped becuase he is not a Pug?!

Brick Pillar

We carried on walking down Queenstown Road and happened across a Graffiti stencil of a monkey. There are a few of these littered around the area and I don’t know what they are supposed to mean or signify. By the look on Ziggy’s face, I’m not sure he knows what the hell they mean either. Just look at the contemplation on his face though. He’s really trying hard to work this one out.

Why Believe