Crocodile Shoes.

This here is the first post in my new blog………. Look who’s walking who…….. It’s a breezy little journal based loosely around the exploits of me and my dog Ziggy’s morning strolls around the streets of wherever we might be strolling at that time. We will chronicle things we sniff/find and daydream about massive houses in Didsbury which we wished we could own, but will probably never set foot through the door, lest we be arrested for trespassing.

Today we found/sniffed this little pink, rubbery item…… no it’s not a used Johnny. You don’t get street shaggers in West Didsbury darling!! It’s a stray Croc shoe, possibly once owned by a woman at crisis with herself. These functional, disgusting rubber slip-ons are the footwear of choice for nurses, gardeners and hipster grandmas…. Personally, I think they are revolting things.

Croc Shoes

Our next stop took us to the surroundings of Ballbrook Avenue, Withington, M20. This pretty little street is home to some very well-off people indeed. Here is Ziggy looking very well-off next the Ballbrook Avenue sign. Don’t look so scared Ziggy! We ‘aint gonna get mugged down here old bean!!

Ballbrook Ave

We did happen across a young business man who was so well-off that he could afford to have his own personal bollard installed behind his fancy BMW on his own drive! My word, on my road I can only hope that a brown wheelie bin placed behind my car can dissuade potential Daewoo thieves.

I leave you with a shot of Ballbrook Avenue in the morning glow.

Ballbrook Avenue