Gnome Is Where The Heart Is.

It’s Tuesday morning and I have woke up, covered in insect bites. God damn you Delamere Forest! I am an itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable mess. Ziggy is itching too but not due to insect bites, no. It’s due to the fact that he is of course a dog….. and dog’s itch. We wander down Darley Avenue, which is home to some lovely houses, which are way off my financial spectrum. I’m surprised that low moral fibre like me and Zig are even allowed to walk down this road. Yet, walk down it we do. Here is a blurred picture of Ziggy by the gate post to Darley Avenue.

Darley Avenue

At the bottom of Darley Avenue is access to the River Mersey. Yes you heard that right, the River Mersey. It’s not just a handy river for Liverpudlians dear reader! Oh no. Us honarary Mancunions are also, technically, Merseysiders.

This is easily Ziggy’s favourite place in the world. Loads of grass to play in, a river to splash in, piles of horse shit to eat and lots of other dogs to chase. It also has it’s perks for me too as the river meets many pubs along it’s winding way. However it’s 6:55 in the morning and not quite time for a beverage. Here is a shot of the river in all it’s green and lush splendour.


Unfortunately for Ziggy we haven’t got the time for a full on riverside wander and I have to break his little heart and drag him back up to street level. His constant tugging on the lead back towards the river suggests he is not happy about the situation, but it’s tough shit Ziggy. I have to water the cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse before I set off for work and that is much more important than you eating horse shit.

You may recall from one of my earlier blog posts a picture of some hideous, stone, lion statues outside someone’s house? Well, on the way back home we find another horrid stone creature sitting atop the gate posts leading to some weirdo’s home. Check these out. Mental.