Hard Lions For Sale.

It’s Friday, which of course is reason to smile. However it’s pissing down and a morning dog walk in the rain is not what I was in the mood for. The rain has of course, temporarily, brought back my breathing and curbed the hayfever nightmare I was suffering. Thanks rain and now fuck off.

We strolled over to the new metro stop on Burton Road, but my phone was playing up and decided to go into spaz mode for about 15 minutes, so the nice shot I got of the tram was lost in the ether. Oh well, there you have it….. a future chapter for the blog. Instead we trudged on down Burton Road until we came to Everett Road, Withington, M20. It seems like the whole street was up for sale. Rows and rows of ‘For Sale’ signs lined the drives. They can’t give them away. If they did though, I’d be first in line.

I took one glance at Ziggy and you could tell he was pleased as punch, that he was fortunate enough to live rent free with me. I don’t know how he would afford the mortgage on a kennel of his own on his poxy salary. He’d probably resort to a life of petty crime and end up in some drying out kennel for alcoholic hounds. You stay with me pal, I’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. Even if your income is shit.

For Sale

As we came to the final few unwanted homes on Everett Road we happened on some hideous, stone, garden ornaments that had been placed either side of someone’s front door. I hope that the owners aren’t thinking of selling up as there is no chance of shifting this while these hideous characters guard the entrance. I wonder what Ziggy would look like cast in stone?

Hard Lion

Well, that was Everett Road. We managed to squeeze in a quick shot of Ziggy by the road sign, but as you can tell from the slight blurring on his face, he was not happy to be sat in the rain. Either that or those horrid stone lions had put the willies up him.

Everett Road