Having A Laugh At The Withington Trough.

Thank fuck it’s Friday. The sun is shining and a small heat-wave is apparently on the way. Well it’s probably more of a warm-wave than a heat-wave, but the warm-wave is as welcome as any wave. Ziggy and I promised you a picure of the tram at Burton Road tram stop a while back and this time the camera didn’t break. Ziggy really wanted to go down to the platform to get a closer look, but I politely informed him that dogs were not welcome on trams unless they were helping the blind. It’s a shame really, cause Ziggy does like to travel (unlike myself). We used to get the train back to Poulton, before I inherited the Raewoo from my Grandad (RIP Grandad, hope the great pond in the sky is full of fish!). Ziggy would lie on the floor on his belly and would quite enjoy the slow, side to side wobble of the carriage as it rattled along towards home. I’d give him a bone to chew to keep him occupied and generally he behaved himself…..apart form that one time when he licked a scally bloke’s ear and pulled his diamond stud out…..and that time when he ate his bone really quickly and puked it all back up again as a huge pile of humous on the train floor…..and that other time when he was sat under the table and decided to lick a young lady quite high up her leg. The young lady didn’t actually act that surprised, she must have had this sort of attention before. Slag. Go and turn the head of some other dog.


Wandering down Burton Road, we came across Withington Leisure Centre. It’s a lovely old building, but I have never actually been inside this place. My girlfriend has been for a swim here as they have a little swimming pool as well, but she says the pool is a bit too small. In all honesty, I don’t mind a swim, but I’m not a big Gym goer. In fact, as my good friend Peter Jones can vouch, I, Ben Thorley, have never once been to a Gymnasium in my whole, entire life. It’s one hell of statistic and one that I am immensely proud of. I don’t like men in lycra and I think muslces look stupid. I do my workout pounding the pavements with the Zig man. Neither of us wears any Lycra.

Withington Leisure Centre was under pressure to close last year and pleasingly the council have allowed the baths to stay open after over 8,000 people signed a petition to keep it open. Perhaps I should make the effort to pay the pool a visit before the building becomes yet more unoccupied flats.

Withington Pool

One last stop before we return to home, another one of Withington’s famous, yet quite underwhelimg landmarks….. The Withington Trough! According to local sources the trough has been relocated from place to place over the years. It now resides on Copson Street and an enscripton on the stone boasts…..”that ye may drink, both ye and your cattle and your beasts”. There shall be no drinking here, Ziggy, as the trough is now nothing more than a badly tended plant pot. What a let down! We were both hoping for a morning guzzle of Withington’s finest spring water and all we got was some weeds and soil. I’m so disappointed I might have to join a gym to perk me up.

Water Trough