Just One Cornetto.

The sun did not shine as much this morning as it did on yesterday’s little AM adventure. As we happened across this advertisement for iced treats, neither Ziggy nor I felt in the mood for any of the iced treats that a summer normally brings…….. a Feast….. a Solero…….. a Fab……….. a Chunky Choc Ice (Dad’s Favourite)………. a Strawberry Mivvi (Mum’s favourite).

One Cornetto

The humble Cornetto….. the staple of any Grandparents freezer. Shoved in there as a peacemaker for rowdy, sweaty, over excited grandchildren who come to stay on a weekend. I don’t think my Nana and Grandad would have survived without these ice cream dummies. Although I never did like the Mint Choc Chip Cornetto…… please…. mint?! There is only one place for mint and that’s on a toothbrush. The advert claims this Cornetto to be the best Cornetto ever! The lengths they must have gone to, to improve not only the ice cream, but the soggy wafer cone?! Well done Walls……… now pass me a Twister.

Spath Road

We strolled down Spath Road, Didsbury M20 this morning. This was the site of my first Mancunion home. Albeit a temporary and rather unpleasant home. I lived on this road at what would appear to be an old, abandoned hall of residence. Needham Halls was it’s name and if I’m honest it’s a stay I would much rather forget. My abiding memories are of sleeping under my parka, eating tins of cold ravioli and praying that my mum and dad would come back quick, pick me up and get me out of this fucking shithole…… oh and pissing in the little sink by the side of my bed. Classy. Here is the pillar at the gate of building. It’s been converted into a block of luxury apartments now. Bet the new residents don’t piss in sinks. Shame.

Needham Hall