Marie Louise Gardens.

Ahh….. Tuesday! The sun has returned and today looks clearer and brighter. Ziggy awoke early at 5am with much bounce and verve. The little man clearly wants a little run around the park, so off we go to Marie Louise Gardens, which is situated on Palatine Road, West Didsbury, M20.

The park is a bit of a hidden gem and Ziggy and I only found it, by literally stumbling across it after a few summery beers a few years ago. It’s a nice little park and some lucky sod gets to have their house slap bang in the middle of the park! Imagine that?! …….Your back garden is a park. Only horrible tramps and nasty paedophiles get to say that their back garden is a park! Here is a photo of a photo of the house from a notice board in the park. Sepia-tastic and not a tramp nor paedo in sight.

Marie Louise Gardens

To the side of the park is a mosaic sundial, created as a community project to celebrate the return of a sqaure of land adjacent to the park lodge. It’s made up of some nice bits of mosaic work. Ziggy wasn’t very interested in bits of broken pot and decided instead to bolt off after a little black puppy called Lola. He steam rolled her out the way and attempted to steal the gentleman’s tennis ball slinger out of his hand. This morning, Ziggy is acting out his role as “a little shit” and I politely tell him so as he goes back on the lead and is marched back to the sundial for a photograph.


We’re on the way out of the park, I’m sweating and Ziggy is panting. Well, he is trying to pant, but the big stick in his mouth is certainly an obstacle to panting. The stick is pulled from his mouth. Here we are next to the sign for Palatine Road. Cue the panting. Now hurry up Ziggy, I’m late for work.

Palatine Road