The Roof Is In The Pudding.

In much the same way that the Hill Valley Preservation Society tried to ‘Save the Clock Tower’ in the film Back To The Future, so the Friends Of Lapwing Lane Arcade aim to restore the ornate, Edwardian canopy that looms above the shops on Lapwing Lane.

The Friends Of Lapwing Lane Arcade (or FOLLA for short) are aiming to raise approximately £60,000 to restore the canopy to it’s former glory. Judging by the snap Ziggy and I took of it this morning, it’s going to need all the help it can get. Unlike in Back To The Future, the canopy wasn’t struck by lightning. I think it’s just been a little unloved. Too many dogs have pissed on the struts…… Too many drunkards have lobbed stones through the glass panes and too many shit shops have peddled their wares with little success or regard for the welfare of the property they rented/owned. Consequently, it’s rusty, falling to bits and probably a bit of a health and safety issue. It surely won’t be long before someone loses an ear from a falling shard of glass from the roof. So dig deep everyone……quick….. and ‘Help Save the Canopy!’……… Go here…..

Lapwing Lane Arcade

We left the crumbling canopy ruins in fear of our ears and headed down Wilmslow Road towards Christie’s Hospital. We turned down Oak Road and it was rather weird seeing a bin outside the hospital overflowing with fags. In fact it’s quite possibly the most fag heavy bin I have ever come across. I wonder how many of these fag ends belonged to patients in the hospital that were being treated for cancer. Probably quite a few. Jesus…. wheel me in to sort out my cancer….. wheel me back out to have a fag……. wheel me back in again to sort out my lung cancer….. wheel me back out to have a fag….. That’s a vicious circle of sorts. Each to their own.


At the bottom of Oak Road, we took Ziggy’s morning walk portrait by the road sign. I think he kinda looks like he’s in a band in this shot. I wonder, if Ziggy did have a band, what he would call them? Ziggy and The Missing Bollocks?….. The Tiger Prawns?….. Cats are Twats?….. send me your ideas in a comment and I’ll run them past Zig and see what he likes best. He would make a great front man.

Oak Road