Who am I?

Who is Lumberjack Choirboy? Who indeed?!

Lumberjack Choirboy is me, Ben Thorley. A 33 year oldĀ son of a gun, born in Blackpool, planted in Manchester and raised on pencils.

I doodle, draw, design, illustrate, ink, write, type, colour, make, create, build, sketch, paint and make a mess. You can view some examples of my work in my sketchbook on my homepage.

I wrote a book about my dog, Ziggy. You can download it from Amazon here. It’s a book for kids, but I’ve heard adults say that they liked it too.

Pete had this to say about it:

“A lovely story with a strong moral message. Ziggy teaches us the importance of treating people (and dogs) equally no matter what their appearance, and shows the value of learning a skill. The illustrative style is superbly unique, and adds even more charm to a really warm hearted little tale. 10/10 would read at bedtime again.”

and Sazzler said this:

“This is a lovely and heartwarming story about Ziggy from Dogchester – fantastic to read as a bedtime story. The book is also beautifully illustrated, I would definitely recommend it for both grown-ups and children alike.”

Why don’t you download the book and find out for yourself:

Ziggy: Tails From Dogchester