About me

I am Lumberjack Choirboy. I was brought up on a waxy diet of Crayola crayons in Blackpool and moved to Manchester in 2001 to study Fine Art at university and I have lived here ever since. When I left uni, I spent a bit of time scribbling and scrambling just trying to find the right way to go and how best to output the things and ideas in my bald head that I wanted to draw. I work with a system of icons/images/doodles/illustrations and create patterns on canvas… tiles… walls… post-it notes. Whatever I have at my disposal!

I’m on Instagram, so come find me @lumberjackchoirboy I’m the one with the flying eyeballs. My work is available to buy in my shop on Etsy. If you want to collaborate with me, I would love to hear from you. Email me at lumberjackchoirboy@outlook.com